A Great Day

Today was one of those really great days. Our weather was lovely, we had our friends over to pick peaches, and it seemed the entire day just went along slow and easy.

The farm

I’ve been working on the laundry and by later on Sunday afternoon, I will be caught up. I even managed to wipe down all the countertops in the kitchen, twice, and the area is simply pristine!

I heard from some new friends from Chicago, and it was so nice to touch base. I met them this summer and their son played with Savannah at the playground in Falmouth.

I wrote out a few cards, did some paperwork, and made three wonderful meals! I’m telling you, it was just a great day!

The dogs got to play outside, and run around, and they had a good day too!

You see, after the storm, the sun does shine again. Sometimes you just have to be open to it and let the wonderful times come to you.


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  1. I am sure I commented on your blog, but apparently it didn’t appear. Anyway I think that’s nice to pick up fruits together with friends ! More fun !

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