Naps Are Good!

Sunday was one of those unexpected days. I woke too early, and made the coffee, which tasted amazingly good! I sat down to read and then started making lists of things to do and items to pack for our upcoming trip. I was feeling good and productive and by the time Jack got up, I actually had a load of laundry in the washing machine.

After breakfast, I began doing the housework I wanted to get done, but shortly after lunch, I sat down in my chair and put my head back to rest and ZONK! I was asleep! I slept for close to an hour before Arnie started to bark and woke me up.

When I was fully awake and thought about it I had to laugh! I could feel the sixty-ness coming upon me! In exactly two months, I shall have a “Diamond Jubilee” to celebrate my birth! Or perhaps just a table spread with Confetti Crystals!

I don’t mind turning sixty at all. I guess that’s why I can joke about it. I feel lucky. I am healthy, I have a wonderful family, and a good life.

After doing the dinner dishes tonight I felt sweaty uncomfortable, so I decided to take a shower. Not a hot shower, but rather a cool one. We had high temperatures in the 90’s today with quite a bit of humidity! Ugh! I am ready for Autumn, really I am!

Since Greta’s passing, I have come out of the shower to an empty room, which made me miss her all the more. Tonight, as I stepped onto the bath-mat I found a friend.

IMG_0373 (2)

My darling girl, Anneliese was sitting there waiting for me. She looked up at me and I swear she smiled! She also wagged her tail, reminding me just how blessed I am.

Happy Monday, Everyone!


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  1. I am not a napper but my partner is. I can’t believe how much he sleeps. Such a waste of time (yes, that is envy). I gently smiled at your shower experience.

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