Aches & Pains

I used to laugh at the old timers (anyone over the age of forty) who complained about their aches and pains. Surely they were making a mountain out of a mole-hill!

However, as I have aged, I realized that in your forties certain things begin to happen. Like when you wake in the morning and feel stiff. Then perhaps, you have a new ache or pain. Nothing significant, but it makes you aware that maybe your body did something it’s not used to.

Then the day arrives when you wake in the night with these strange body aches. What did I do to myself now?

Such was the case last night . I woke about 1:00 with pain in my right shoulder blade. You know, the good shoulder! Ugh. I took some Tylenol and tried to sleep, but each toss and turn reminded me that I’m not 22 anymore. (Even though it would be nice if I were!)

Today I cannot raise my arms up at all. It’s an instant ouchie! So I have been playing it cool and tried not to mention it. Or even acknowledge its existence!

But Jack and I were talking and he said he didn’t know what he did, but his shoulder blades were hurting him and he thought he may have pulled something yesterday. That’s when I laughed and told him that I was feeling slightly pained myself.

Aren’t we just a pair!

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