The Friday Five

Another week has flown by and here we are, nearing the end of September! How can that be? Sometimes I wish that time would just slow down a little. Give me just a little more time.

But alas, there are seven days in the week, twenty-four hours in the day and that’s it! So I am grateful for the wonderful world around.

Here are this week’s Friday Five. I actually could have made a longer list, but I will keep it down to Five.

  1. We’ve had our friend visiting from Germany. We have had a lot of fun talking, cooking and eating, and sharing stories and laughing a lot!


    She left us this morning to drive to the Canadian Maritimes and will be back here after we get back from our trip to Virginia Beach, VA. Then she will be with us one more week before her return to Germany.

  2. We’ve had friends come and pick peaches and apples. It’s so nice to share our bounty with people that we care about. It’s wonderful to see the happiness that the fruit can bring to a person!
  3. Greta’s ashes came home to us on Tuesday. I didn’t know. We had stopped out at our Veterinarians to drop off some Jam as one of the Vets is ill, and the Veterinary Technician came out and handed me a small tin. It’s said, “Greta. Beloved pet of Maribeth & Jack”. Well, folks, I am not a strong girl emotionally, and once again, I cried and cried. Missing my girl.
  4. I’ve commenced Christmas shopping. I’m a bit of an armchair shopper. I have found some of the cutest things to give the children. I am getting better and better about finding wonderful things for Quinn. Having never had boys, this is a new experience. But, the more time I spend with Quinn the more I get to know what he likes! I am having a blast!
  5. Lastly, we have a Red Squirrel living in our stone wall. It’s actually a beautiful thing, but it is driving Lili quite mad! It will come out to graze on our fruit trees and Lili tries like crazy to get it! Today she was out for over an hour trying to get that Squirrel. I got a few pictures. Lili made me laugh! She watches and jumps and watches and the Squirrel taunts her. Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy!

IMG_1407 (2)

Our little Red Squirrel. I think I will call him Red!

IMG_1405 (2)

He just delights in tormenting Lili!


So this is the end of my week and now I work to pack and prepare to leave the dogs with my trusty House/Doggy Sitter. They move in when we leave and live here and care for the house and the pooches while we are gone. We are so lucky to have found them!

2 thoughts on “The Friday Five”

  1. Not a bad week then. I am not sure if the jam will cure the vet’s illness, but it is a really nice thing to do. I don’t know a lot about squirrels but enough to know grey and red squirrels don’t get along and one species dominates the other, to the point where one species is disappearing. Do tell how you found your house sitters.

  2. Good for you for starting your Christmas shopping! The only thing I have started thinking about is a blanket for my husband. There’s a site called project repat and they take your old race t-shirts and make blankets out of them. I pulled shirts but I need him to verify I can use them for the thing. So obviously it’s not surprise then but still a cool gift.

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