The Friday Five

The Friday Five

It’s Friday? Really? Wow, did this past week just fly by. Having doctor’s appointments, getting our flu shots and other things, kept us on our toes all week long! So as I sit here on Thursday night looking back over the craziness that I call our life, here are the five things that stand out the most.

  1. Thankfully the error was found that lead to Jack’s Mohs Surgery being canceled. Jack’s margins were clean and so he avoided that procedure. I am so very glad. My experience with Mohs Surgery was not an easy one, and I would not wish that on anyone! Especially my husband!
  2. Every year I get a flu shot and every year I react to it. Sometimes I get the flu, this year I have just run a temperature off and on. I guess I am just a sensitive soul.
  3. I went to a new Eye Doctor (Optometrist). I felt sad that I couldn’t go to my longtime doctor because this year the Company changed Coverage and Providers. But I have to tell you, the new doctor gave me such a thorough exam, that I do not feel the need to go for a secondary exam at the hospital. She checked everything! My retinas, my eye pressure, my optic nerves, as well as prescribing new glasses. Honestly, she was wonderful and I am happy with the change.
  4. I ordered new glasses and new sunglasses. It was crazy how it happened, but the two frames I liked were made by Coach!



    Yes, very chic and they fit like they were made for me!

  5. And last but not least, we have a friend visiting from Germany, so we have done a few things like go for Foliage Trips, out for lunch, and yes, enjoyed New Hampshire’s Tax-Free Shopping!!!


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  1. I especially like the sunglasses. Our medical system allows for a free eye test every two years, but optometrists have found a way to make more money by taking high quality photos of eyes which you pay for yourself. They are an ongoing record of comparison of your eyes.

    I stopped having the flu shot after reacting as you have. I have ok without it for a few years now.

    Having visitors does get you our about, at times, a good thing.

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