The Thursday Thirteen


Since I have not done a Thursday Thirteen list in a while, I thought what better way to start the month of November than with a Thursday Thirteen list of things that will be happening this month.

  1. Today I need to take Miss Anneliese into the Vets in the morning. Her left eye is badly clouded over. Not with a cataract, but something else. Her eye also appears swollen and I am more than just a little concerned.
  2. I finally get my hair done today after waiting a month and a half. It was just one of those things where time slipped by and I kept running out of time. Today I will get my hair dipped in the fountain of youth, and then have a nice shaping. I can hardly wait!
  3. I was sitting here typing up my list waiting for my TV show to start. Suddenly the channel changed. I looked up. I changed it back. Continued typing and the channel changed again. Only this time it changed and changed and…..I got up and looked over at a seemingly harmless Jack, asleep in his chair, holding his remote and in his sleep, he was changing the channel. Jack was relieved of his remote control! He woke briefly, and then fell back asleep!
  4. Sunday, of course, the clocks fall back. That is my favorite time of year and I wish the time would just stay there all year long.


5. Sunday also finds me going down to see Savannah in the Community Theater play of 101 Dalmations. Savannah loves being in these plays and she always asks to audition. I am so proud of her. She also works hard on her lines and learning all the songs. I am going for both shows, spending the night and then heading home after I get Savi on the bus in the morning.

6. Tuesday I go in for my facial biopsy. It’s a good size area and so they want to biopsy two places. More than likely it is just scar tissue, but I will be glad when the biopsy is over and we know for sure. Jack has an appointment the same day and his is right after mine, with the same doctor for a few places he is having problems with. Yes, we love our Dermatologist!

7. Tuesday is also “This is Us”. My favorite show and I hate to miss an episode. I’m a little unhappy that next week’s episode will be preempted, due to the mid-term elections. Ugh!

8. Wednesday is WW of course and so I always try to block out that time. I really enjoy the meetings and they do help. Plus I get to spend time with my friends. We have a luncheon planned to celebrate my friend’s birthday and mine. We were born eight days apart, the same year, so we are both turning sixty!

9. There are Christmas Bazaars coming up locally and I am looking forward to those. The one at the Catholic Church is amazing and I plan to go to that one.


10. Of course, my birthday will be coming right up, and I have a nice meal out with Jack planned, as well as a shopping spree at Talbots!

11. My daughter, Mandy has also given me a list of things to pack and a time to be at her house the day after my birthday! I do not know what she has planned for my sixtieth Birthday Celebration, but I’m guessing it will be fun!

12. Thanksgiving will be upon us early this year, on November 22 and it looks like it will be just Jack and me, although I am hoping my cousin and her husband will join us. It’s okay, I love to cook Thanksgiving meals, and the leftovers are awesome!

13. Lastly, there is a German Christmas Market the last day of the month and I am really looking forward to going to that with my cousin.

So that’s the month of November and I am sure a few other things will pop up. It’s always a busy month and then boom, December will be upon us and all the wonderful Christmas Craziness!


2 thoughts on “The Thursday Thirteen”

  1. Not sure if you mean you prefer daylight saving or not. I wish we had it permanently.

    I had a big celebration for my 60th last year. I won’t be bothering with 70.

    So Thanksgiving moves around? Follows the moon?

  2. You have lots of fun things coming up!! It is that time of year!! Funny story about the remote! Happy birthday a few days ahead! Can’t wait to hear about what your daughter has planned!

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