This & That On A Tuesday!

Well, it’s snowing again! I just let Lili out for a run in the yard, and we already have a very heavy dusting.  They are forecasting anything from 3-8 inches for my area. We are right on the line. Could be snow, could be rain. I am thinking snow.

One fabulous thing about snow is that it hides a multitude of sins in our yard, in the town and just generally everywhere.

It’s after Thanksgiving now, so as we continue the maddening run up to Christmas, a blanket of snow just seems appropriate.


For many years I have had a computer repair person here in town. This man is a genius, and he would come to our house, fix everything and was always reasonably priced. There was no problem that he couldn’t fix.

Well, I learned today that he has sold his business and gone to work for a larger company. His hours will be more regular and he will have a life. I know it is selfish, but I sure will miss him. He was so good at what he did, and fun to know.

I wish him the very best of luck!


We’ve been taking Anneliese out with Arnie in the car now. She loves it. In fact, it is so funny to watch them head for the door when they hear the words “Post Office”!

Today we went to the local grocery store, and the dogs were waiting in the car with Jack. As I came out of the store, I looked toward the car and saw her adorable little face in the window. Can you see her little smile?



It’s hard to believe in two weeks Arnie and Anneliese will be 12 years young!




The Christmas Cards are finished and the last of them will go in the mail tomorrow. I am so happy! Writing them out by hand is a chore, but one I enjoy doing every year!

Merry Christmas!


3 thoughts on “This & That On A Tuesday!”

  1. You have snow already !! Here it rains and it’s 4°C, it’s true the two little pals don’t look their age at all ! And I remember when they were just out of baby age !! I am going to Egypt tomorrow need it !

  2. I haven’t even looked at my Christmas card list yet and I know I need to get another box of cards before I start. Good for you, being done already! We did receive our first card last week! Yikes! Cute pups… those faces!!!

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