Peaceful Days

I was up before dawn on Saturday and after several cups of coffee, breakfast and a quick kiss to Jack I was out of here before ten o’clock heading to the crowded back roads of New Hampshire.

Or so I thought!

I got down to Walmart quickly, and although the parking lot was jammed up, I did finally find a place to park, and the hiked into the store.

I’d happily found an even better digital watch for Savannah, and I am thrilled to death with it.


I also bought myself a regular numerical watch made by Timex (inexpensive). Now my hope is that between Savi’s digital and my normal watch, I can teach her all about telling time!

I came home, set the watch, (and my new one as well) and then wrapped the last of the gifts. I am all done. All that needs doing is to load this all into the car on Christmas Eve, so I don’t forget anything on Christmas Day!

Now I need to clean up my wrapping room and put everything away for another year.

I’m really enjoying Christmas this year. I’ve put so much thought into things, and I am happily anticipating Christmas Day.


Merry Christmas!!!

3 thoughts on “Peaceful Days”

  1. I too am a bit excited about Christmas Day. Watches that don’t connect to the internet to set the time?!!! How odd. Now, don’t forget your medications.

  2. I am just smiling while reading this post!! This is exactly what the celebration should be like… full of love and good cheer and the love of Jesus! Merry Christmas, dear friend!!

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