Getting Ready For Christmas

We woke on Friday morning to heavy downpours of rain. The rain did not just come in the morning, but it has simply poured all day long, and into the evening. And I’m watching the weather on the TV and he is saying we will have rain well into tomorrow. Ugh!

I was wrapping the last few presents when I got to the watch I’d gotten for Savannah. I decided to set the watch for her, and I discovered it is defective! So, the watch is going back and I think I may slip out to Walmart and see if I can replace it tomorrow.

I am still doing well on my healthy eating plan! I am currently thirteen pounds down.

My stress about this is that Tuesday is Christmas! There are things I want to eat. But I don’t want to mess myself up. I thought, okay, I will take a one meal hiatus from the plan. Just dinnertime at Mandy’s. Then I go right back on the wagon.

It’s the only thing that makes sense. Christmas is special. I want that taste of German Stollen. I would love a sip of wine. Or perhaps a Scotch!

Dec 25 008

Nothing else is stressing me, just the darn food. Food stresses me. Especially when I am really trying to drop a few pounds.

And here is a very funny thing. My fingernails are beautiful.


I plan to give myself a little manicure on Sunday. Now I am hoping and praying between now and then that I don’t break one. Really they are so lovely!

A woman’s vanity, I know.

Enjoy your Christmas preparations and parties and foods. And here’s to a good toast along the way as well. A fine Scotch perhaps!


3 thoughts on “Getting Ready For Christmas”

  1. I don’t even let my nails get long anymore. I always break one and then they all need to be cut anyway. Bah-humbug! LOL Yours do look lovely and I hope they stay pretty for you!! So glad you tried to set that watch and found out ahead of time it is defective. Also hope you find a good replacement. We are off to our HOA’s Christmas potluck at our clubhouse in just a few hours. It is always a good time and the food is amazing. No diet for me until after the holidays. Then I need to get serious. I’m giving my self three months to lose 25 pounds doing low/no carbs. Merry Christmas!!

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