The Friday Five

The Friday Five

If the last few days are any prediction for 2019, I can already tell that this year is going to fly by us! Here we are just one week away from departing for Disney! Then the adventure begins!

So, here we go, this weeks Friday Five!

    1. I guess the biggest news this week was our big snow storm and power outage. I won’t forget this anytime soon. As grateful as I am that we have a generator, it is so loud when one is attempting to sleep. Wednesday night I did not get much sleep at all.
    2. Anneliese and Arnie went in to get their stitches removed. Arnie was fine, pop-pop and out they came! Anneliese has a small infection and so she must stay on antibiotics and wear this cute little turleneck shirt I made for her, until Monday. Then she will be all set.


3. It is very cold here. It’s also due to get colder. It makes me yearn for the tropical warmth of Florida. I sure hope we have nice weather. Nice, warm, weather!

4. This weekend will be filled with laundry, cooking, and doing the last minute things getting ready for next week. Can you tell I am excited?

5. My friend entered Hospice Care. It is breaking my heart. I do not know if she will still be alive when I reach sothwest Florida, but I have faith in God. If it is her time to go home with him, then I will accept it. Meanwhile, I send her texts, and prayers and love.


4 thoughts on “The Friday Five”

  1. Good to hear you dogs are doing well. In the 1980s we had an air conditioner that fitted into a sash window. While it was a bit noisy, the noise was bearable just to be cool. Sorry about your friend. Hopefully however it goes, it will be bearable for her.

  2. My sister loses power often and is a pro with her generator! She turns off her generator when they go to bed. The house doesn’t cool down too much by morning and the fridge is fine because it stays closed all night.
    Wishing your friend peace.

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