German Shepherds Are Wonderful!

My Friday began like any other Friday. I got up, made breakfast for Jack and I and started a load of laundry.

Jack got ready and headed off to a physical therapy appointment at the VA, and a few minutes later I got a phone call and sat chatting.

About a half an hour after Jack left I heard the door in the basement slam shut. That’s odd, I thought. Maybe Jack had car trouble.

I went to the window in my room and did not see a car, a UPS Truck or anything!

It was then I heard footsteps coming up the stairs from the basement.

“Hello! Anyone home? Hello!” said a strange man’s voice.

The hair on the back of my neck stood up. Lili began to growl and bark! I raced to the cellar door and turned the lock and wedged my foot on the bottom.

“Who is there? Who are you! Tell me your name!”

There was no response.

“I’m calling the police!” I shouted again and again, as I dialed 911!

I didn’t hear the door slam shut. I didn’t hear him leave. I was frozen at the door waiting until the police arrived. It was just seconds until they drove into my driveway.

The police searched the basement and the perimeter of the house. I’d seen a white SUV below us and so they put out an APB for any car matching that.

I filed the report, got the policeman to give me a few tips on how to protect my home (I need a few deadbolts and a long piece of wood to block the sliding glass door.), but he told me again that Lili was amazing and the two of us had done a great job under the circumstances.

Lili was amazing. She growled and barked and sounded so fierce. I guess it’s what makes German Shepherds such wonderful police dogs!


My Hero, Lili!

Yes, I did okay, but I have to tell you I didn’t start breathing again for a while. After the police left, and I locked every door I could, I sat down and slowly drank my coffee and tried to relax.

I don’t understand why people break into other people’s homes. Why people think it is okay to steal. Today, I am just glad that Lili protected me, and that I wasn’t harmed.

8 thoughts on “German Shepherds Are Wonderful!”

  1. What a drama and how frightening for you. Well done Lili. Yes, the wood in the sliding works as well as anything, although easily removed once they are inside to get stuff out. If by deadbolts you mean locks that lock inside when you are out, these are a great idea as it makes it all the harder for them to remove things from your house. Hopefully it was just a one off chancer.

  2. Way to go, Lili. I have to think that the intruder would have high tailed it away once he saw her!!~~and, of course, the fearless little ones!!~~My little one can bark her head off and sound quite ferocious. ~~hugs!

    Impressive, by the way, how quickly the police responded!!

  3. Came over from Andrew’s blog. What an awful episode, glad all worked out and so lucky you had the “fierce” Lily.
    Impressed that the police were so prompt and that they were able to give you some tips on security.

  4. Goodness what an awful thing to happen. You must be so glad you have the dogs, especially Lilli. A review of your security sounds a good idea. Our kitchen is below ground level and we have a lock on the stairwell side of it so if anyone gets in at the back they have another locked door to get through before they can access the rest of the house. I lock it if I’m in the house on my own after dark. No dogs here to alert me.

  5. Oh my gosh!! My heart would still be full of adrenaline! If that guy hadn’t called out, he would have walked right in on you!! That is just scary! Good girl, Lili!! I love shepherds and your Lili is gorgeous!

  6. How scary. Most people here I believe would had shot and ask question later. But I live in North Idaho and guns are very popular here. Although there other side of coin when comes to guns.
    Coffee is on

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