Vets & Victoria

I drove the twins out to the Vet on Monday, as Anneliese needed her stitches out. She did fine, and both Arnie and his sister enjoyed the ride, despite below freezing temperatures.

I felt quite calm, despite the frigid weather and actually got a lot of organizing done for my departure later this week.

I’m excited because today is my hair stylist appointment. I sure hope she is a magician and can whip my somewhat out of shape hair back into shape!

I also decided to download a new book for reading on my trip. I will spend time on airplanes, in airports, and at various other times, so I decided a new book was just the thing.

I downloaded the biography of “Queen Victoria”. I’ve watched mini-series and movies, so decided to read a historical biography to learn more. The book looks good from what I perused on my kindle.


2 thoughts on “Vets & Victoria”

  1. I suppose your car heating is the same as here, that is a fan blowing air over the warm car radiator. Perhaps you have heated seats or can preheat your car in some way? It would be warm in the car I think?

  2. We have really enjoyed the PBS series on Victoria. Let me know how the book is!! Glad the pups and the twins did okay on the trip to the Vet, and that you are almost ready for your trip!

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