For The Love Of Puppies

We’ve been waiting for Greta to bring forth the fruit of her womb before we printed up and posted our Christmas cards/letter (you remember, snail mail?). We try to make our letters a bit amusing, and yet fact filled for the people that we do not see very often. There have been some years where the best we could come up with was, “..and the year is finally over!” However, this year, despite some trying times, we found we had much to be thankful for. Especially after last Sunday, with Greta’s C-section.

I went in and lay down on the mattress next to the whelping box today and just watched the puppies as they nursed. They are little piggies, I tell you, greedy little piggies, and Greta is a fabulous mother. Today was the first day that she was back to being my girl. She happily allowed me to pat her, she kissed my face when I was cleaning out the box and when she wanted either food, or to go out, she actually jumped out of the box and came to get me. Yes, my girl was back.

Hubby and I sat down and selected 4 girls names that we like for the female puppies. Anya, April, Angelika and Anneliese. All look nice with my kennel name of Dackel Princess and will look nice on the pedigree. Best of all, they are pretty names. We like Annaliese the best so we will most likely use this name for our puppy. Of course the boys name is Arnold, or Arnie for a nickname.

After watching the puppies and finishing the Christmas cards, I lay down on the sofa and fell asleep. I had a nice fleece blanket, the drone of a soap opera in the background and sleep deprivation that I have simply not caught up on, that put me into a near coma like sleep. When I finally woke up I felt groggy and spacey. I guess I need a few more naps in order to catch up.

If any of you need a puppy fix, here is today’s picture.

Dec 13 007

6 thoughts on “For The Love Of Puppies”

  1. Dear Maribeth,
    Arnold is perfect as the name for the boy, Anneliese and Angelika as well. Anya is not correct written down as a German name, we write Anja, but don´t be worry…you can name them like you want. April is in my opinion a typical American name. Please don´t be angry with my…I just want to tell you what are typical German names…
    I think the name is not as important as finding good new owners for your babies. I keep crossed my fingers for!
    Love Uschi

  2. Awesome job Greta! Please pass on much love and hugs from all of us over here 🙂 I know Kira would just go completely nutty if she were to see them in person – she *loves* dogs.

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