Puppies Are Like Babies

New puppies are like new babies. You just can’t stop looking at them or talking about them, or taking pictures of them, let alone video’s! People now see me coming and run in the other direction, lest I whip out this mornings pictures

I know. You are all getting tired of hearing about my puppies, right? You want me to get back to talking about…….well let’s see, I talk about Hubby or my dogs, so you are out of luck. It’s either them or nothing!

Actually, Hubby came into the puppy room today and said, “You aren’t going to sit there and stare at those puppies all day, are you?”

“Well, yeah!” Why did he think I had Greta have them?

I did get up and do a little house work, and I even managed to cook him meals, and still check on the babies every two seconds.

I thought I could sneak in with my video camera when Hubby was down working on the car, but of course he came up stairs for something and caught me coming out of the puppy room with the camera in my hand! Rats! However, I got this cute video!

Miss Piggy Pink, remains the big gainer in the group. I think it’s because she is literally always eating! Our boy, Arnie is right behind her weight wise and then the other girls fill in with Miss Red in last place, but they all have big, healthy bellies and that makes me smile a lot!

I’ve always known I wanted to do this, but it was never the right time until now. With Greta it just feels so right.

11 thoughts on “Puppies Are Like Babies”

  1. OK Grandma – what are these cute little ones getting for Christmas? Or are tye too young. We are still waiting for Jesse – I’m becomingas impatient as Anne!

  2. Hi Mom,
    I can’t wait to meet the pups! 🙂 They look adorable–and Greta does look exhausted! I’m sure you both are! But, in a good way!
    Have a great day!

  3. Well, good heavens….of course you are going to spend every possible minute with them. I know I would, in your shoes.



  4. I’d be sitting there watching them too!! They are just so cute and yes, Greta looks pooped. You have such a soothing voice too!

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