Spring On The Lake

It seems Spring is starting to arrive on my Lake here in New Hampshire. Yesterday, after a 45+ mile per hour wind storm overnight, I noticed the very beginnings of the ice breaking up. Hurrah! Soon the water will be back, as will our Ducks, Geese, and Loons!


If you look in the center bottom of the picture you can see the very first open water on our Lake.

Our day had been a fairly quiet one, but as I finished the dinner dishes, I saw fire in the sky! What a sunset!

I raced outside, with coat and cell phone and started to snap a few pictures. My neighbor yelled to me to come to use her porch above my house to get a few pictures.

So I ran up (old lady style I am sure), and got these wonderful pictures. Enjoy!


Half way up the hill.


From their porch.


The fire in the sky. One of the best sunsets this Spring!

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