I Love My Phone, But…

I’ve loved my phone, a Galaxy S8 very much. That was before this last system update. Suddenly, everything has changed! I mean everything.


I have spent so much time looking up how to do things on the Internet because this blasted update made my much-loved phone nearly unrecognizable!

I’ve always enjoyed the camera on the phone. It takes great pictures. I like the little mini-videos that it takes and the ability to send them to friends. The videos are just sort of a gif-type file.

I spent over an hour today trying to track down how to do this now because the update completely changed the format! It’s like going from Windows XP to Windows 10! Ugh!

I want to love my phone again, but right now there is a certain amount of frustration that I am feeling and I’m not loving it.

I know I will eventually learn it all again, and then I will be happy, but I expect by that time, they will do another upgrade and screw it all up again!

4 thoughts on “I Love My Phone, But…”

  1. R’s phone is an 8. If he receives a message about the latest update, maybe I will ignore it. He struggles with tech change. I used to selectively update things, but it was getting too hard and now I just update everything and adjust. Mostly the updates are good, but there are some I don’t like.

  2. You have my sympathies.When I got my new laptop, I got prompt asking me if I wanted to download Outlook to my Moto Z. the app rearranged everything on the phone, even changed my wallpaper.

  3. Joe and I both have the Gallaxy S8 and I especially love ;the camera. The latest update has been a pain. I agree!! I am still looking for things too.

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