The Friday Five

The Friday Five

So here we are, another week has come and gone. I’m actually feeling like Spring has finally arrived, as we have not had any snow and on the lakes, the ice is finally melting!

So, without further adieu, here is this week’s Friday Five!

    1. I wanted a nice quiet week, and once we filed out taxes on Monday, things got blessedly quiet!
    2. I got the results of my yearly bloodwork. My numbers aren’t looking so good for things like A1C and Cholesterol. Crap! It means more restrictions with my diet and really paying attention to my sugars.
    3. I do not like that! Jack told me that I need to accept this stuff because I’m getting older. The body may be 60 but in my mind, I still feel incredibly young.
    4. Our snow has all melted in the yard, and now we are just waiting for the ice to melt off the top of our Lake.

57471805_10157217394426499_6197133999874244608_n5. It’s almost Easter! This means, grandchildren, daughter, and granddog! The whole family is getting together at Mandy and Matt’s house for dinner. This should be fun!

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