Birds & Ice

Tuesday was quite simply, the best Spring day. It started with a wonderful hot shower in the morning, and as I dressed, I heard a loud thump on my bedroom window. Bird!

I raced down the stairs and opened the door and there lay a Northern Flicker Woodpecker. He was lying completely still on his side and I feared he was dead!


I felt tears well up in my eyes, as I thought he was dead. But I inspected him a little more closely and he blinked at me!

I went to get my gloves and I carefully turned him right side up to inspect him and check for broken feet wings, or neck. He seemed to be in one piece, but I am sure he had one heck of a headache!


Isn’t he handsome? I looked up all about him and discovered that yes, this is a male. As I spoke to him I called him Woody, and I tried to soothe him.

I decided then to move him carefully to an area on our driveway under the briars where he would be safe from predators while he recovered. He never struggled as I moved him and when I set him down he winked at me again.

I left him there for an hour, watching intently from the window. After an hour or so, I went back out to see how Woody was doing and as I approached him, he jumped up and down and then…flew off!

I stood there watching, then jumped up and down waving my hands in the air! Go, Woody, Go!!!

After this, I checked our Lake and at 11:30 Tuesday morning,  Lake Waukewan was iced out!

20190423_175218The big lake, Lake Winnipesaukee was still not clear, but it is expected by the morning to be free of ice as well. Ice Out is a big dear up here in New Hampshire!

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  1. Little Woody is lucky to have had his accident in your yard. Glad he is okay. I’m also glad your lakes are almost free of ice! Hooray!

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