Life Through Anneliese’s Eyes

We drove down and had Anneliese to the Canine Ophthalmologist on Wednesday. I’d been hoping for good news, but in the end, it really was just okay news.


Things have not gotten any worse, but they haven’t gotten any better either. In fact, the ulcer has not healed at all, and she actually had a new scratch on the eye.

Okay, I asked, I see that she is not moving around the way she once did. She is very careful and has begun to run into things.

He says her vision is like looking through dirty scratched plexiglass. In other words, she isn’t seeing much. The other eye is holding its own, so she has some vision, but not a lot.

So, my baby is slowly going blind. If she is lucky the process will be slow and she will not live to see the end of her sight.


The good news is she is happy and healthy and well loved. She is comfortable in her home, knows her way around here and we are watchful so that she is safe.


Always and forever, my sweet, sweet girl.

3 thoughts on “Life Through Anneliese’s Eyes”

  1. Her eyes look bad and it is hard to imagine she can see much, but in her familiar surroundings and with your guidance, I am sure she will be ok for some time to come.

  2. One of our grand pups is blind in one eye and a dear friend has a blind pup. He put a couple of water fountains in the ;house to give Paisley something to hear as she navigates. She is also happy, healthy, and well loved. It just takes some adjustment for all involved. I’m so glad Anneliese is doing well otherwise. She will be fine. Hugs.

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