The Friday Five

Tell me how this is happening. It’s already the end of April. In fact, this is the last weekend in April! Oh my goodness. I think I must quickly pass along this information…As you get older, Time Goes By Much Faster!

Thursday was a lovely Spring day and I tried some new things on my cell phone camera. So this week, here are the five pictures of life around my home.

  1. These pretty flowers sprouted again. I planted bulbs years ago on Max’s grave in our yard. These bright blue Chionodoxa ‘Glory of the Snow’ come back every year! I love them.


2. Another pretty flower bulb, a Crocus, I planted years ago. It’s lovely. Only two sprouted this year. Time for me to get crackin’ and plant some new bulbs this year!


3. This is my first time using a special method to get a widescreen shot. That’s our stone wall and my neighbors home. The blur at the bottom of the picture in the middle is Arnie!


4. Our lake. I walked down the hill and stood across the street from the beach to take this shot.

20190425_1504185. Our home. Our shrubs haven’t woken up yet, and the grass is not a rich velvety green just yet, but this is our home.


6 thoughts on “The Friday Five”

  1. A childhood year stretches out interminably with such a long wait for Christmas or your birthday but a year when you are an older person passes rapidly. Your house is interesting and attractive. It is……..rather large. Slates and shingles?

  2. Your photos came out very well ! What a beautiful view you have on the lake and I love your home (sweet home !) Don’t you do bed and breakfast ??

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