Meg’s Friday Questions

1. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “fun”? Time to go for a ride in the motor coach!
2. What’s your favorite ride at an amusement park? Usually something slow like the tram or sky tour.

3. Where are you going? Going to Alaska this year.
4. Where have you been? Oh man, I have been all over the world. Hubby worked for an airline so I traveled a lot! Someday I’ll write about the places I’ve been.
5. You only have two weeks to live. What top two or three things would you want to do? The first week I would travel to see the people I love who don’t live close by. The second week I would spend with my family and fur family eating dark chocolate.
6. What do you think people say about your behind your back? Oh, now I am totally paranoid, so I worry all the time about this. I worry that people think I am totally not worth it. Ya know?
7. What hot topic usually turns into an argument for you? I am so totally not confrontational, except on two topics, child abuse and animal abuse. I can’t stand either one. So I tend to be really hot under the collar when speaking about those subjects.

One thought on “Meg’s Friday Questions”

  1. I’ll go on the tram ride with you any day. I am getting less into fast rides or any rides as I get a bit older. I am not much for heights though! I’ll help you eat that dark chocolate!

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