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Since many of you have asked, (and some haven’t) I thought I would take a moment and tell you a little about my girls. My wire-haired dachshunds are my passion in life. The thing I can talk about for hours on end until most people run screaming from the room from sheer boredom. So I apologize in advance for boring anyone with today’s doggy moment!
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Shubi came to us nine and a half years ago from Landshut, Germany. She is a soft coated wire-haired dachshund. In German, she is a “rauhhaardackel” (rauhhaar = rough hair and dackel = dachshund).
From the history I have read, her form of wire-haired dachshund was produced back in the early 1800’s by crossing a smooth dachshund with a Dandy Dinmont Terrier. If you have ever seen one of those you can easily see Shubi’s cute face in theirs.
Greta came it us from Rehden, Germany. She also is a Rauhhaardackel, but she is from a line that was produced by using a smooth dachshund and a Miniature Schnauzer. Greta’s eyes are the same raisin shaped eyes of the Schnauzer’s. So where Shubi ‘s coat is soft and curly, Greta’s is hard, wiry and much shorter.
Shubi tends to be sweeter and gentler in her personality, more laid back, and Greta is more animated, feisty and full of energy. She probably would have made a great hunter, if she had been trained.
I never bred Shubi because she wasn’t AKC registered and since she wasn’t I just couldn’t see bringing a bunch of puppies into the world just for the sake of doing it. With Greta, I planned from the moment I decided to get another dachshund to get a dog from a championship line, one that would make a great addition to the breed.
Greta comes from German National Champions. Both of her parents are beautiful and her line is studded with Champions all along the way. Greta will be old enough next year to have puppies and then I will be looking for a worthy husband for my “little girl”.
They are wonderful companion dogs, but also have the ability to go for long hikes in the mountains or swims in the lakes.
Their overall personality is comedic and their antics keep us laughing. Everyone I know who has a wire says that they are the Comedians of the Dachshund breed.
I know that for the rest of my life, I will have a wire-haired dachshund in it. They really are the most incredible of dogs.

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  1. We have a doxie and a sprnger of our own, and I can tell you the stuff that these litle fiesty creatures of habit can get into is unbelievable. Yours are so very cute ours is a smooth red mini.

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