Shubi is Sick – Prayers Please Updated

***I took Shubi in and she has a GI infection. So she is on antibiotics, and a medication to ease her upset tummy. He gave her some IV fluids and so I hope she will start to feel better.
Her liver function tests show that she has real liver problems. This will require us to give her a medication to help digest her food and a special low fat diet. I guess it will be a little more challeging to take care of our little girl in her twilight years. But then, you all know, I would do anything to make her more comfortable and give her a good life.***

I’m taking Shubi to the Vet in a moment. She woke up feeling badly this morning, then began having shaking chills. Soon she threw up and “other things” and so I took her temp. It’s nearly 104. (F) I called the Vet and he wants to see her in 1/2 an hour. So off we go. I will update once I get back.

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  1. Ohh all the doggie prayers coming your way. Poor Shubi wearing a sweater in this heat. I am sure she will be on the mend soon; it is amazing how resilint doggies are.

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