Shubi slept under the covers by my side last night. She wore her little winter sweater to bed too. Still, about 3 AM I could feel her little body shaking. And this morning she still feels very hot. I’m worried about her. I hate it when she is sick and even though I know what the Vet thinks is wrong, I still worry and I think I will until I see some real improvement.
I took her out this morning for her constitutional, and brought her in and placed her in her little bed with her blanket. She settled right in and hasn’t moved. Very unlike herself. She would usually come in, bark like crazy for a cookie and then bark like crazy to come and sit with me in my chair.
So, I’m worried.

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  1. Keep me posted, I worry so about any of these precious animals when they are not well, but Shubi is older and has not been well so it makes it more of a worry.

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