The Weekend Wrap ~ Mother’s Day


Sunday was Mother’s Day. The day for us was a rather nice one. Although we had high clouds and did not see the sun, we had no rain and in fact, the air was very dry and clear. When we were driving around I could see the beautiful mountains in the distance.

My day started very early. 5 AM! I’m not sure why, but I have not been able to sleep after 5:45 in a few months. However, I enjoyed the quiet and the coffee and the company of my fur children on this Mother’s Day.

Jack got up and I made an omelet for us, and it stuck like crazy to the pan. Time for a new non-stick saute pan!

So later in the afternoon, we opted for the Chinese Buffet again. I opted to go there for a few reasons. 1. The food is good. 2. I wanted to find out if, in fact, the former owner had retired. (He has.) 3. The Buffet is set up the handle a lot of people and usually has no lines. (It did not and we got our favorite seat!)


The new owners really have much better food (although I loved the former owner, he was so kind),  and we enjoyed everything. Including Alaskan King Crab Claws. I ate mine right off, and once they refilled the dish, I got some for Jack and I even cleaned the meat out for him! What a wife!

20190512_141144So we’ve watched the Madrid Open Tennis, Jack is working in the yard, and I am enjoying the late afternoon watching a movie. All in all, Mother’s Day was nice.

20190512_150812Have I ever mentioned that Yellow Roses are my favorite?

3 thoughts on “The Weekend Wrap ~ Mother’s Day”

  1. I went with a friend to see an orchid exhibition, beautiful ! and before we went to a restaurant. My son called me for mother day, and that was it !

  2. We used to go to a Chinese restaurant because an elderly friend liked it. The owner was so lovely and always made us so welcome, but we did not like the food. It was so bland and unexciting and perhaps appropriate for the Australia of the 1970s, but not for 2000s. We came to dread a meal there. In her final months, the owner would just bring her food to her home in the hope that she would eat, but she rarely did. Tag:

    It sounds like your day was pleasant and low stress. And who sent you the flowers?

  3. I wish we had a good Chinese Buffet. We have one but I go so sick the last time we went there that I can’t even think about going back – and that was 4-5 years ago. For all know, .they have changed hands. Maybe I’ve venture in again some day. I’m glad you had a lovely day!! The flowers are beautiful!!!

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