Monday found me full of things to do. I was going to make a list but then thought that if I did that, I might talk myself out of doing it all. So, I just dove in after breakfast, and the things I wanted to get done kept me bust all day long.

I think the funniest thing was, that after 20 years I thought perhaps our master bath light globes needed to be washed. I thought the frosted finish looked a bit dull.

So, I took them all down, washed the fixture and dusted the light bulbs, and then put the globes into the dishwasher on a short cycle.

I’m here to report that they are not frosted globes at all. They were quite simply that dusty!

I worked very hard in that room, vacuuming, washing, and then putting it all back together again. Why I even washed the bath mats! Only to discover that I must splurge and buy new ones very soon.


About the time I got the bathroom done, I came out to the kitchen to find that one of the dogs had thrown up on two of the throw carpets. We have four in the kitchen. So, I threw caution to the wind, brought all four down to the laundry room to wash and then after vacuuming the kitchen floor, washed it down too!  Along with the countertops!

I made dinner, cleaned it up and now, at 8 PM on Monday night I am ready for bed!

3 thoughts on “Cleaning”

  1. You’ve peaked early and off to bed. Pretty high achieving day for you really. Wow, even i would not have put light bulbs in the dishwasher, but you did and it worked.

  2. Wow!! You were busy but doesn’t it feel good to have all that done? We have hardwood floors and tile… the cats always choose a throw rug to throw-up on.

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