This & That Thursday

Today was another very busy day. Of course, I had WW in the morning, and after that, I ran errands.

I went to four different stores and the Post Office before coming home. I managed to do this and actually pull into the garage by noon!

One of my stops was to get a liquid coating on my cell phone. I love my Galaxy s8, but with the curved screen, any sort of screen protector pops off or is unresponsive! So, I bit the bullet and bought the liquid screen protector. Best of all it is warrantied for 3 years!

It may be cold here in New Hampshire, but the birds are back. We currently have the Cardinals, Baltimore Orioles, and Chickadees living off our driveway, and visiting our trees in the back each day. I’m in Birdie Heaven!

20190514_161608Mr. Baltimore Oriole.

I think I have spied a Crow who has made a nest in one of our pine trees. Jack is not thrilled but I think it is wonderful! All this wonderful nature.

Jack has been sick most of the day and so Life at home has been very quiet. Perfect and just what I needed.

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!

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  1. I’m sure you don’t mean Jack being sick is perfect. The liquid screen protector sounds interesting. I’ve had my S8 for quite some time now and the screen is unmarked. I am careful with it, but even so, I am bit surprised.

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