The Friday Five

The Friday Five

What a crazy week.

The Big Bang Theory is ending. I recall 12 years ago when I watched this show for the first time. It has brought me so much laughter and joy, and I am thankful.

    1. I guess the biggest news is that Anneliese had her surgery. It is sort of a doggy mastectomy. She has been in quite a lot of pain, and we will have the pathology reports next week. Meanwhile, I am trying to keep her contained and comfortable!


    1. We’ve had peaks of sunshine, but actually more rain than I can remember for a long while. So very sick of rain!
    2. My earlier wave of energy as far as bathroom cleaning has ended with both three clean bathrooms, and my back and neck are still intact! I swear it was temporary insanity!
    3. I got my pictures back from the John Edward Event. I cannot thank my daughter enough for this. I had such a great time.

Photo-May-03-9-33-32-PM (2)

4. Jack is still not feeling 100%. I think he had a little virus. He was still very sleepy last night but did enjoy watching the Big Bang Theory with me.

5. In eighteen days I leave for my little getaway. I can hardly wait. 2019 has been such a difficult year, and  I have really felt the need for some downtime.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. I’ll be hooking up my new Router and getting all the TV’s, cellphones and such hooked up. I wish you all (and me) sunshine!

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  1. You have been busy!! Praying that Anneliese will get a good report. Bless her puppy heart.

  2. I read that you could take the bandage off so she is on the good way ! Here it’s cold again and really you don’t know how to dress ! Yesterday it was warm in the morning and it got cold in the afternoon, should be the other way around !

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