The Friday Five

Friday Five

The start of the week found me at the beach, and the end of the week found me at home. In between, I filled my days with lots of good stuff.

  1. I’m so lucky that despite a sprained ankle, I did a lot on vacation. I managed to get to see my elderly cousin and have lunch with her. Her health has not been good, so this was a very nice visit that we had!
  2. I got to eat lunch on the beach in the rain! Now trust me, there were people that ran inside when the raindrops fell, but it was 90 degrees and the gentle rain felt nice on my skin.
  3. Forget any sort of good hair pictures during my trip. It was over 90 degrees Fahrenheit each day, with 70+% humidity. I looked like Bozo the clown! It matters not. It was nice and relaxing and I had a great time.
  4. Beware of Seatmates on Airplanes who are facing Federal charges for crimes we all know he committed. I was so surprised to see this man and tried to sneak a selfie, but alas, I was not able to.
  5. How wonderful to have doggies that missed me and welcomed me home! I sure missed them and I know they missed me.

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