Life’s Adventures

Coming home found me doing all the things that had not gotten done in my absence. I spent the day doing laundry, hanging it out to dry and going to the grocery store.

The weather was lovely and surprisingly, the traffic was not too bad. It’s actually Motorcycle week here, but I suspect the beautiful weather had the motorcyclists were all down at Weirs Beach or at some other lakeside venue.

It felt good to be home again, and Jack teased that I seemed happier. I told him that a week away had recharged my batteries! Just what the doctor ordered.


Certainly, all the dogs are happy with my return. As I wandered from room to room cleaning and changing sheets, I had three little beings following me! Here is Mr. Arnie and I all cuddled up!

I desperately need a manicure, but I think I will have to do it myself. My nails are so long (I cannot believe I wrote that!), and I need to shorten them before I break them working around the house!

20190612_204123Happy Thursday!

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