Feed The Birds

After rescuing the cute Woodpecker earlier this Spring, I noticed during a shopping trip to an Odds & Ends Store Bird Suet and Woodpecker Suet Treats. Well, that got me started and I bought two to bring home and put out for my ever-growing list of birds.

When we first moved in here I had started to feed the birds, until they began cleaning off our fruit trees. Then I thought they could fend for themselves, as they appeared to be doing very well indeed!

But now, we are no longer working the trees and well, the poor things might go hungry! (Not!) So out my Shepherds Staff Poles, and onto them, the suet treats.

20190615_174455Not the best picture, but that is Woddy hanging on to taste the suet treat! I blame the lack of clarity on the window screen!

At first, not one bird noticed them, but by late afternoon we had quite a few. At dusk, I will need to bring them in for the night so Mrs. Bear does not stop by, and then return them in the morning. I am so into this art of nature. I wish I could say the same for Jack, but he could really care less.

Ah well, I am doing this for me. Well, for me and the birds.

Happy Sunday!

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