The Friday Five – August 2, 2019

The Friday FiveWelcome to August, and what is commonly known as the dog days of summer!

We certainly have had our share of hot, humid and hazy weather. But, after a cold, rainy Spring this is almost welcome.

So, as I close out the week and look forward to the first weekend of August, here’s my Friday Five!

  1. My grandchildren continue to delight me. They are both happy, healthy, and good kids. I get Snapchats and pictures from them all the time. They are my joy in this world!


Quinn with Freya.

2. My neighbors are having their porch rebuilt. The workers arrived at 7:30. I was up, but the dogs are not appreciating the noise.

3. Another neighbor decided to demolish her old house (a small bungalow) and build a new one. So there are all kinds of changes going on here on my street!

4. I have a little summer cold going on. I feel a little run down and have a slight fever. Nothing dramatic. Mostly I feel like sleeping and being quiet.

5. This weekend I have no plans. I’m enjoying reading my book  “Alice: Princess Andrew of Greece” by Hugo Vickers. It’s all about Prince Philip of England’s Mother. Alice was an amazing woman. You can read more about her: Here

1903-her-royal-highness_medPrincess Alice

2 thoughts on “The Friday Five – August 2, 2019”

  1. Here the noises come from yard work ! All these machines !! After the heat wave it had rained cats and dogs and now everything grows !! Sweet pictures of your grandchildren !

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