The Weekend Wrap

weekend wrap 1It was a rather strange weekend. I actually got quite a bit done. Since we moved into this house we have had a row of boxes on the back wall of the garage. I started going through them!

I found clothing from long, long, ago. In fact, I have not worn these things in over 35 years! I remembered them, and some did not exactly bring back good memories.

Since I had not seen them, or used them, in all this time, I put them in a giant trash bag and off they went on Sunday to the Recycling Center!

I also found odds and ends from Jack’s mother’s house and I kept just a couple of things, but the majority also went to the Recycling Center!

Laundry was done, beds were changed and meals prepared. The usual day to day things.

On Saturday, as I sat eating my breakfast, I looked outside to the bird feeder and there sat the most beautiful male Cardinal I have ever seen! He sat there gazing in the window at me, and I reached for my cell phone to try for a picture, but Lili moved and off Mr. Cardinal flew!

Sunday morning, at breakfast, Mr. Baltimore Oriole came and he also sat nicely for a visit. I suspect he is the one in the picture above and below. He has been here all summer enjoying the goodies I put out for the birds.

P6280014 (3)

This weekend also saw both Lili and Arnie snuggling up to me at every possible moment. Not together mind you, but it seems they are taking turns.

I’m still reading and enjoying my book. There are 405 pages to read in this hardcover book! But it is so well written and researched that I am still reading with joy!

Happy Monday!

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