The Friday Five

The Friday FiveIt was a somewhat crazy week this past week. I did get some things accomplished, but not as much as I would have liked. Still, as I sat down to write this today I realized just how quickly September is coming upon us. So as the summer winds down here is my Friday Five!

  1. Anneliese is doing pretty well. At least she is not in pain. The doctor says she has a very dim, cloudy vision. She also will navigate better in the day as opposed to the dark night. But she is happy, has several spots around the kitchen and family room where she likes to nap and enjoy life.
  2. After waiting part of the summer to get the upper portion of the driveway regraded, it was finally done. The next day, after a rain, a large portion of the ledge pack had washed away. I’m furious! The owner of the company that did the work is coming tonight. I hope he will fix the workers errors. I am quite upset about this!
  3. Jack had a little fall last night and thankfully he did not hurt himself. I had gone to bed when I heard a great crash! I leaped out of bed and came into the family room to find him on the floor. He said his legs gave out when he stood up after sitting for a while. I helped him up and made sure he was okay before heading back to bed. He is okay today, just a slightly sore shoulder.
  4. The sunset was just spectacular tonight. I was out with the dogs and snapped a few pictures.
    sunset copy
  5. I think I have Jack interested in Downton Abbey. That’s great because he will be interested to go to the movies with me when it arrives here in my little town!

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  1. That was an eventful week. Fancy the driveway washing away so soon after it was done. Good to hear Jack’s fall was not too bad.

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