Getting It Done

Tuesday Jack and I spent down at the VA getting things taken care of.

He needed to get his hearing aid repaired, a financial matter is taken care of, and lastly a flu shot.

I was there to see my doctor about why I do not feel well. I had my exam with her, and tests have been ordered. I am hoping it is merely GERD, but she is leaning toward Gallbladder.

I had the blood work today and will go in early next week for the ultrasound. Then we will go from there.

Of course, she told me that if I  got sick in the meantime with severe pain to go straight to the hospital.

I also had a flu shot.

When we finished up it was lunchtime. We went to a restaurant and had a nice meal. And nice for me these days is bland. In fact tonight Jack is eating pizza and I am having eggs and toast.

The drive home was a pretty one and we even saw Wild Turkeys!

20151014_080704So although I still feel a tad under the weather, we did get an awful lot done! I love those kinds of days!

3 thoughts on “Getting It Done”

  1. Busy day…

    I had my gallbladder removed a few years ago. The surgery wasn’t terrible and my symptoms resolved quickly. If your gallbladder turns out to be the culprit, I hope you have the same type of experience I had.

  2. Paul felt SO much better after having his gallbladder out. Maybe that’s what would be the best diagnosis. Feel better!

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