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I think one of the hardest things to do when you feel no desire to eat is to cook good food for other people.

I do not feel like cooking or eating or anything. I go through the motions. Last nights casserole was dry and almost inedible.

So, today I decided to make Jack a good meatloaf. I took my time, followed my recipe and it will go in the oven soon.

May 12 12

I have thought about my cooking and I believe that if it were just me here, I would be making decaffeinated tea and toast. As it is, I am just baking a plain potato for dinner for myself.

Tomorrow is my ultrasound and we shall go from there.

Oh, yes, today the phone rang and it was the Technician that will do my test. She went over the pre-test instructions.

Nothing by mouth after midnight, not even a sip of water!

Now, this confused me. I’d gotten written instructions telling me I could eat breakfast, take my pills, etc. Add to this that I had to drink a quart of water 1-hour before the test!

The Technician looked up my orders and said I had been sent the wrong instructions! I was so glad she called. Had I followed the other instructions I would have been sent home with no test. It’s a 100-mile round trip drive! So this is a very big deal! I’m glad it was caught.



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  1. Good heavens. At your age and especially Jack’s age, you need to be closer to medical services. Rather unbelievable about the conflicting medical instructions. If I was on my own I would have meals delivered by a certain kitchen place we know. I think even supermarket meals aren’t so bad now, with reduced salt if you carefully read the labels.

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