Being Thankful

I had my last Physical Therapy on Tuesday. I knew even before I sat down with the therapist what he would say.

I think we all hope to live in a pain-free body, like the ones we had as a teenager, but this is not to be the case.

On Tuesday the doctor told me that this is it. This is the best we can hope for after all the surgeries, infections, and weakness. When I went to him my pain level was extremely high. I could hardly lift my arms and my left shoulder and neck ached all the time.

Since seeing Dr. EK and doing the exercises and needle therapy, I have gotten so much relief. But the pain (down to about a 2-3) is there all the time.

Today I faced the fact that this is as good as it gets.

At first, I was pretty sad about this. Then I began to think that it could be worse. Instead of having the pain I do, I might be paralyzed. Feeling nothing. Being able to lead my life and play with Savannah and Quinn and my doggies, well, that is just really good news.

Everyone gets old and everyone has their aches and pains. I simply refuse to let the pain define who I am and what I do in my life.


I think sometimes you need to find peace with what you have in your life, understanding that there is no perfection, simply understanding, and acceptance.

2 thoughts on “Being Thankful”

  1. Can you speak to my mother please, and tell her that she is old and of course she has old age problems. Have you considered pain management clinics?

  2. I am grateful that you have seen an improvement, at the very least. You need to pamper yourself more – no more heavy lifting!

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