Autumn in New Hampshire

Here we are, midweek in New Hampshire. The foliage colors are getting prettier and stronger, but we have another two weeks or thereabouts until we have peak colors.

Every day, busses of tourists from all over the world travel through the Lakes Region of New Hampshire and further north to see our beautiful leaves. I have always taken it for granted, but this year, I am enjoying it so very much!


I took this as I came down my driveway today. You can see a little of the change of color, but also that we still have a lot of green around.


I was out today driving around, and I got my hair done. It came so pretty. I’m just loving what my hairstylist Becca is doing for me!

In the next few days I want to slow things down. I have, what I hope are just Autumn Allergies, a slight sore throat, and stuffy nose. Fingers crossed it is nothing at all.

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