Getting Old Stinks!

My test results came back. And mostly it is all good news. My Gallbladder is healthy, my Pancreas is in fine form, my Kidneys, and Speen is outstanding. Sadly, my Liver is not.

The problem with my Liver is called Hepatic Steatosis. More commonly called “Fatty Liver”. It’s caused swelling of the Liver and my poor dear Liver has fatty deposits.

I also have been diagnosed with an Acid Stomach. The joy never ends! Ugh!

So, I have started Prilosec in hopes this will work to reduce the acid stomach, and started a slightly more restrictive WW Diet.

No, acidic foods, like tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, and onions. And for the Liver Disease, Low to No Fat foods. So goodbye French Fries, Fried Clams and well, you get the picture.


Because I refuse to feel sorry for myself (well sort of anyway) I am trying to figure out what I can eat, and balance it all out so I can lose the weight that I need to.

Meanwhile, my dishwasher is leaking again, and after the repairman was here and couldn’t fix it, I fear a new machine will need to be purchased. Double Ugh!


4 thoughts on “Getting Old Stinks!”

  1. Rats – personally I was rooting for the gallbladder as a “quick fix”. For someone who loves to cook, those restrictions sound positively Draconian. Hope you get some rapid relief at the very least.

  2. Maybe ask for a referral to a nutritionist who could help you mold the WW plan to conform to the fatty liver needs. You’ve GOT this Cuz

  3. I take Prilosec, it’s a wonder drug. I agree with Erica you might want to consult a nutritionist. The current WW emphasizes low sugar/low carb, and you might do better on a different plan.

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