The Peak Is Past

I looked out today at the lake and everything was still. It was also a simple burnt brown and yellow and the vivid reds and orange and corals are done.

PA210019 copy

Still, it was beautiful, and so when I went to get the mail, I took my big camera and took a few pictures. The one below was when the sun was shining. So beautiful!

PA210020 copy

Soon the trees will be bare and the blustery winds of November will be upon us. With just the skeletal remains of the trees blowing eerily this way and that.

PA210017 copy

It’s strange but my favorite time of year is Autumn when the colors are bright. The month of November, my birthday month, the weather, the colors, tend to be rather grim.

Yet, November holds two things I am looking forward to. My 61st birthday and Thanksgiving. My personal favorite holiday!

People ask me what dish is my favorite during the Thanksgiving meal? Hmm. Let’s see, turkey, stuffing made with roasted chestnuts, mashed potato, cranberry sauce, butternut squash, green beans, gravy, rosemary crusted hot dinner rolls, apple pie, pumpkin pie, or mince Pie? Umm, yes! All of it! LOL!

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