Anneliese & The Big Bang

Tuesday was kind of an odd day for me. I slept until the sun rose and although I tried to get back to sleep, I was wide awake.

I got the dogs, and after getting my jacket on (I finally found my winter coat in the front closet!) I took them out, hung up the bird feeders and by the time I came back in, the coffee was hot and brewed.

Jack has been sleeping incredible amounts, so I didn’t wait and at 8 o’clock I made my breakfast. Life was going on in a normal pattern.

It was much later in the day when I had finished eating my lunch I put my plate down for Anneliese to lick, and I started to move the tray table that my lunch had been on and Anneliese jumped back in terror and screamed a big doggy scream.

I felt terrible. I must have scared her because she can’t see the table well. Then Jack told me that he’d accidentally kicked his tray table last night in his sleep and knocked it down. It landed close to a deeply sleeping Anneliese.

My poor girl had PTSD!

I got her up in my lap. She was breathing heavily and shaking. I held her closely and talked to her but it took well over an hour to get her calmed down.


I started to think about Anneliese then. She has new bumps here and there, I know her vision is almost nil as she doesn’t see things when I hold them closely in front of her.

She does come to me when I call her, and part of me feels she is happiest when she is on a leash Then she is attached to me.

I don’t like this at all you know. I see my little baby fading before my eyes and it makes me so sad.

April 26 011Baby Anneliese.

She was the baby I watched being born, who came out screaming. The last pup out when Greta had her first litter, and the one with the biggest mouth.

Anneliese by Janet

Ha! She is very quiet now. She almost never barks or makes a fuss. But way back when, in 2006, she was full of spirit and the life of Greta’s first litter.

March 9 001Me and Anneliese. I think she was about 12 weeks old then.

All her sisters and Arnie were little sleepy heads. But this tiny little pup had so much spunk!

As I held her today I realized that all of these years that I have been her Mom, she always knew I would take care of her. And she has always come to me to be comforted.

48532208186_ae4357f708_o (2)

She is fine now (Tuesday Evening) and asleep in her bed. But I’ve realized that I really need to enjoy her as her days are coming to a close.

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