This, That and Good-Bye To Two More Puppies

Today was my first physical therapy session. I’ve decided that I could never have knee replacement surgery, because I just do not do pain very well. Anyway, I lay there while the therapist gently worked on the MCL and we sort of talked the entire time. No big deal, right?

Wrong! Tonight I can hardly walk. It’s amazing how much this stupid thing hurts. Nope, no knee replacements ever, ever, ever.

Two of the puppies left us yesterday. Anita has gone to Poughkeepsie, and is doing really well. I got a letter today and pictures of her at her new home. She looks so happy and loved! That makes me so happy! They have decided to give her another name (no big deal, after all Greta’s real name is Xochil!), and she is now being called Gabby! Isn’t that adorable?

Gabby (Anita) in her new home with her new friend, Rita.

Anja has gone as well. She is just down the road and I am hopeful we will see her from time to time. She is such a pretty girl and shows great promise for blood tracking of wounded animals.

Now we have Arnie and Anneliese. Of course Anneliese is staying, but Arnie is our little orphan. Things just did not work out with the people who had hoped to take him. You know how it is? Life happens. So my boy is up for grabs.

March 5 007

Greta is doing better today, and we have had the puppies out to play with her a lot. She enjoys the rough and tumble play, but then looks forward to their naps as well.

March 5 001

I caught Anneliese watching the TV today. I just knew this dog was supposed to be with me. She likes General Hospital! LOL!!!

March 5 015

All in all, not a bad start to the week.

7 thoughts on “This, That and Good-Bye To Two More Puppies”

  1. I wish I could take Arnie too. But we’ve reached the limit for pets in the city limits…I guess we could move!!

    I’m sure he will find a good home. But while that happens…enjoy.

  2. If I lived closer I would want to just open my arms and snuggle that sweet little Arnie! I pray he finds just the right home to give him love and belly rubs, and late-night canine chats!
    We are picking up our little baby this coming Saturday! We are having a baby! Yes…a little long-haired mini-dachshund baby…LOL
    We can hardly contain ourselves… the minute we saw her chocolate drop eyes and cute little smirky smile, we knew she was one of us! I will be posting lots of pictures Saturday!

  3. Arnie looks like a sweet little guy!
    Gabby is a cute name but I liked Anita myself.
    Sorry about your knee, which reminds me I have to do my exercises…

  4. Ouch. I bet your knee does hurt if the ligament is stretched. With mine gone, there isn’t much pain, just the bruised meniscus is a bit cranky. I’m very sure the pain will subside with time after each PT session. Hang in there.

  5. Poor Arnie………..I wish he could come live with us, but I’m afraid we’re full up………..Plus, Bella would absolutely not tolerate another male in her house……..

  6. Oh my boy Arnie! I wish I had a house and I would be all over the stud…assuming of course Marley loved him…but she loves all smaller dogs! Fingers crossed for a good home for Arnie!

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