Not What I Expected

Well, I went to my appointment yesterday and all was going really well. There were changes to my vision, but my vision is correctable to 20/20 and my right eye was actually correctable to 20/15! Not bad for an old chick of 61!

Then the doctor checked my pressures again. Then he checked them again. Then he told me that the pressures were 28 in the left eye and 26 in the right eye! Yeah, like almost everyone in my family, I have Glaucoma.

He said we would check things in a month, but I did not want to wait, since Glaucoma is in my family. My sister has severe Glaucoma and is being aggressively treated.

So, I left the office feeling somewhat blindsided. I called Jack and my sister and my daughter. I tried to formulate a plan of action. And it all came to me.

I researched doctors who specialize in Glaucoma. Then I looked at their Medical Schools, Board Certifications, and if they had been involved in any research work in the Glaucoma area.

I found a woman in Manchester, that I will see on January 29th. They will do a full workup and I will know what is happening, and if the optical nerve has been damaged. I will have answers.

Meanwhile, I want to relax and try not to drive myself crazy with worry. It is what it is, and soon I will be under a good doctor’s care.

It was not at all what I expected, but at least it was found and I will begin treatment very, very, soon.

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