When The Eyes Have It

Today I go to the eye doctor. I’m always a tad nervous about this. For those of you who have not known me since I started blogging, I have had detached retinas in both eyes. It was worse the first time when my left eye had the detachment. It was totally off and I had no vision.

MB's eye patchMe in the hospital after the retina detached the first time. It happened so late in the day that they kept me overnight.

The second time, it was the right eye, and the retina detached halfway giving me really strange vision. Like looking out a window where the shade was half drawn.

little shotWhat it looked like once the bandages were removed!

Anyway. I’ve done well since the reattachments, but today the doctor will check to make sure everything is where it should be.

I’m thinking I will keep my frames and just have the new prescription put in them.

Meanwhile after carefully watching the weather this morning on our local TV channel, “cold and clear“, we had flurries all afternoon. Good news, it left just a light dusting! Are these weather forecasters ever right?

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  1. Not again your retina ! That really is your weak point ! Riccardo has an appointment too for the same reason after his cateracte surgery ! And I have asthma attaché ! Nice to get old

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