The Friday Five

The Friday FiveIt’s funny, but after doing a Thursday Thirteen, doing a Friday Five is a tad tricky! Since this is the last Friday in January, here we go!

  1. I have found a group of ladies who do Vlogs on Youtube. Mostly they are focusing on the Harry and Meghan situation, but they also cover various other things happening in England and Canada. Call me intrigued. I listen to their entries nearly every day.
  2. A friend mailed us a Christmas gift from Hamburg Germany in the middle of December for Christmas. The package, with a beautiful teacup and teapot, arrived today! And people say our Postal Service is bad. In any case, the tea set is beautiful!
  3. I made another batch of Vegetable and Chicken Soup. This is so easy and so good. And only 1 point a serving!
  4. I watched a little TV, but then noticed that in less than one week the dust I worked so hard to rid my house of, was back! Out came the dust cloth and my house is once again dust free. Well, for another few days!
  5. My new prescription came back in my much-loved glasses frames. It’s amazing how much better I can see! Call me one very happy lady!

49350424676_a3ca53c9ff_b copySo that is all for this week. I am off to see Savannah and Quinn over the weekend and I can hardly wait. It’s been far too long!

ArnieMy beloved, Mr. Arnie!

3 thoughts on “The Friday Five”

  1. What a beautiful header ! We hear less and less from Harry and Meghan, allways the same story, except now the “poor suffering” dad who gave a big interview which certainly made him rich !! Finally I pity these two. The only thing they want is living alone as a family and not in a tribe ! I don’t get comment notifications in my email anymore which is very annoying because I have to check my Blog all the time !

  2. Regarding the parcel from Germany, how do you know where it was delayed? Yes, you don’t realise how you are not seeing so well until you get or upgrade your glasses.

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