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I’m not sure what I hoped Monday would be like, however, I’m sure you can imagine my surprise when I got up and it was snowing. Again. And at a good clip!

The plows had started running on the road below our home at 4 AM! Thus waking me and the beasts.

At 5 AM I got up and let the dogs out and watched the morning news. The forecaster said “Broken clouds and sun” Huh?

No schools were canceled despite the rapidly falling snow. Which I was surprised at. Jack had an appointment with the Orthopaedist and although I did not want to go, we went and the roads were surprisingly clear. Our snow totaled close to 4 inches.

The Presidential Primary is today in our State. We will go and vote as we always do.


On Wednesday I go to see the Glaucoma Eye Specialist for a pressure re-check, as well as WW.

Things have gone well with the eating, so I am hopeful I will continue to be going in the right direction. Although part of me knows that at some point the weight loss will slow. I’ve been on the path before and so there are really no surprises.

I just hope that I can keep the momentum up. It is easy to get discouraged when the weight loss slows down.

weighing20upside20downWell, Happy Tuesday everyone! Enjoy the day!


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  1. After the Iowa fiasco, all eyes are on New Hampshire regarding the Democratic primary. Must be interesting to have the media invasion.

    New York doesn’t have its primary until the end of April.

  2. Andrew, quick lesson in American politics. Our President is elected to a four year term. 2020 is an election year, and we will go to the polls on November 3. But before that can happen, each of our two major political parties must select a candidate through a series of primaries. The Republican Party will go with the incumbent, Donald Trump, so the Republican primaries this year are pro forma. The Democrats must choose a candidate, so their primaries are very contentious. Iowa had its election last week. New Hampshire votes today. Nevada and South Carolina vote later this month. In March we will have “Super Tuesday”, where a huge number of states will vote. In the summer, each party will have a convention, where that party’s candidate will be officially designated.

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