Medical Histories

The other day I accompanied Jack to the doctor. They handed him a one-sheet paper on which he was to write a detailed medical history.

When he has had different operations, medical conditions, medications, etc.

I tried to get it all written down for him, but this required me to play “Let’s ask a million questions with him”.

As I sat there, I thought about my own situation. I simply do not have this problem. Why? Because a few years ago I sat down and wrote out a detailed medical history. I add to it, as needed, but it is all there. And all I need to do is go to my file on the computer and print it!

My history starts with my name, address, and phone number. My height, weight (I always lie!) and my blood type.

From there I start with the first of my unbelievable operations and conditions. In order, year by year.

I have been asked if I am a medical professional. No, I am not. I just got tired of having to write out my long history and try to recall all of the dates.

I also include my medications, and their dosage, and then my allergies, including any food allergies I might have.

Medical HistoryClick on the image to make it larger and download it for your convenience. I also have it in a Word Document and let me know if you would like that one.

It took me 45 minutes to make one up for Jack so that now he can print this to take to future doctor’s appointments.

I encourage you all to do the same. It saves time and could save your life if you keep this information tucked in your wallet.

2 thoughts on “Medical Histories”

  1. While mine would be short, it is a good idea. I already have a list of medications on my phone a copy of my abnormal heart rhythm graph with notes, which if overseas and I had to attend a hospital, it might be judged I had suffered a heart attack,

  2. Great idea.

    My boyfriend keeps a list of his medications in his wallet.

    My primary care doctor has all of that summarized in my chart, which I can access from the patient portal. Next time I go to a new doctor, remind me to print it and take it with me.

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