Laptop Woes

I woke up on Monday morning and started my day. It’s part of my morning routine to get my coffee, walk the dogs and then come in and check my email.

As I sat to look through my email, my laptop started doing weird things. It started to shut off all on its own, or disconnect from the Wifi. After the fourth or fifth time, I’d had it! Especially when attempting to do work on Dackel Princess. I’d be in the middle of something and then Bam! I would lose everything to the silly, stupid laptop!

When Jack got out of bed I told him that I want a new laptop. He started to hem and haw, but I told him to forget about it. He has had 2 laptops to my one. And I have had this current one since 2012. It is time for a new machine.

The Dackel Princess Reading her Mail

That being said, technology has changed. This found me reading and studying new gadgets and gizmos so I would know what I would need.


I decided that I needed to buy a machine to grow into. There are three Dell Computers that fit my needs at three different prices.

I need to toss out the top of the line, and probably the bottom and buy the middle. It needs to be soon as I believe that this problem will A. Drive me insane, and B. Eventually just plain die on me!

Wish me luck!

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