The Weekend Wrap

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The weekend seemed to race by. Between laundry and cleaning, I didn’t find much time for crocheting.

I was also planning meals and cooking. There are days I cook two different dinner meals. I do this because if Jack ate the number of fish or turkey meals that I do, he would rebel. He’s a meat and potatoes man from way back.

I love to eat fish, I love to eat poultry and so I plan my meals around what WW would like to see me eat on the Green Plan.


It’s been nice and clear and cold this weekend. I love that. We’re actually due for much warmer weather, reminding me that Spring is around the corner. Yes!

Have a great week everyone!


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  1. My weekends are very lazy, I have a tiny home which doesn’t take long to clean, and I don’t do crafty things like crochet, (my mum did and tried to teach me), so I spend a lot of time reading the weekend papers and then reading blogs. Most cooking and washing is done during the week.

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