The Friday Five

20200206_160117It’s another Friday Five! Wow! Has this week gone by quickly. It’s been a little stressful, but somehow we are all getting through. So much is happening in the world, but here is what is happening in my little piece of the world.

1. On Monday New Hampshire only had a couple of cases of the Corona Virus. Here we are on Friday and we have over 40. Each day when I wake up there are a few more. We are a small State, and this is hitting us very hard.

2. Mostly, I have been able to keep Jack in. But the other day he became impatient with me and drove off to the Post Office to get the mail. I told him that if he gets the Virus and dies, it is his own fault!

3. I heard that Market Basket (Grocery Store) was having Senior times for shopping. From 5:30 AM until 7 AM, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. So on Thursday I was up at 4 AM and drove down to Market Basket. I got there early, as I knew the Gray Generation would be out in full force. I was correct. I was the 3rd person in line, and it seemed like all of a sudden at 5:30 there were over 200 of us going into the shop.

4. It was tricky. They had no eggs, almost no meat, and very limited vegetables. The canned veggies and the frozen veggies were gone. There also was no TP or paper towel. But I did score some Eggplant and Enlightened Ice Cream Bars, although they had no Mint Chocolate Chip which is Jack’s favorite. Almost everyone was nice and kind.

5. As I finished up my shopping, I got out to the car and it was raining. Oh well, I thought, at least this is not snow! I began the drive home and no sooner had I gotten onto the highway then the rain turned to snow. Heavy snow! And it continued all the way home. It is still snowing, as I write, but at least I am in.

So there you go. The five things on my mind as the week ends. I hope you all stay healthy and well and that all this Virus stuff goes away quickly.

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3 thoughts on “The Friday Five”

  1. Stop and Shop has senior hours beginning at 6 AM yesterday. I’ve never seen that many people in a supermarket at that hour. We stood in the pouring rain waiting for the store to open.

  2. It is happening here too, where older people are up very early and queuing at their early allotted shopping times and once in the stores, there is little for them to buy.

  3. Hi Maribeth! Hope you are both staying well. I don’t think Americans on the whole are very good about staying put, so this will be a real test of that. We are also in and hunkered down. I do think many stores now are offereing senior hours which is helpful. Take care and I hope to see you in the Wednesday Hodgepodge this week. Going to revive it, at least for the short term. It was a great connector and I think we could use it right now.

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